Take your health to the nextlevel through healthy weight loss, better sleep, vitality, and financial stability



After leaving the military in 2018, I had nothing.  I had no job to look forward to, nor would anyone even give me a chance.  I have a degree, because that’s what society expects right?  It meant nothing.  I speak three languages.  Know who cared?  No one!  I was a veteran, and people either thought I was damaged goods, too qualified, under qualified, or just useful as a big hammer.  I built my own empire from nothing to support my family.  Thank God someone introduced me to the power of residual income!  Now I can sleep in security knowing that I have a sustainable income that isn’t dictated by someone else.  If COVID shut down my job, no worries.  If the stock market crashed, I’ll be fine.  I am trying to free everyone I can from financial hardship.  It takes effort, but if this sounds like something for you, lets talk.


"Health is not valued till sickness comes"

Thomas Fuller

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